A Little Wicca....

Well I guess my history is simple, I had always been raised in Christianity, but I never felt like a Christian, I wasn't spiritually connected. When I was twelve I met a good friend of mine today who was starting her own Path in Wicca and it got me curious, but I didn't delve much deeper. When I turned fourteen I started doing small amounts of research into all forms of religion including that of paganism, when I was sixteen I did more heavy research into Native American shamanism which led to my rediscovery of Wicca (I know that it was a weird leap), then I started my Path in Wicca when I was seventeen, lots of questioning and stuff about do's and don'ts but in the end I found my way, I felt more at peace and happy after doing so, and to make a long story short, I've been Wiccan ever since... 

A Big World....

 Which got me to thinking how little I really know myself, the town I live in, the state I call my own, the world, and yes the very cosmos! So this website is a little bit of an annoying blog from someone you don't know, a self resources and help thingy, and well whatever else. So enjoy and may you always be blessed. Blessed Be! 

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