I'm Back and Mabon

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Well I'm back after a long absence from the site and it is good to be back, Mabon a festival of thanksgiving to all is nearly here upon us, I'm excited to celebrate and give thanks to what I have, I will post some pics and videos on altar ideas and crafts, the second harvest is a special time, one of mystery and magic for many, an excellent story to tell the kids or to read yourself is that of Mabon ap Mordon, which is the reason (along with others ;)) for the season, so may you all be blessed and have an amazing sabbat celebration! Blessed Be.

My First Lughnassadh

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Well August 1st is my first lughnassadh celebration and I am super pumped about it! I've bought my own cloth to make my altar cloth for my ritual, im picking out some harvest foods and making corn bread, I am completly enthustiastic about everything! The First Harvest is a celebration of the first grains and foods harvested around this time of year, and to give thanks to the bounty, in my research this kind of celebration was done in many cultures and in their own ways, so I personally felt like doing so as well! So to all those who are out there having fun and going to celebrate Lughnassadh, then blessed be and have an awesome day! To all those who aren't then may you also be blessed and have a wonderful day too!

Happy Litha!!!

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Well my Litha celebration is going well, I just finished my ritual outside, took a nap, and then meditated for a bit! So Blessed Be to all and have a very merry Litha!!! I bought some wonderful incense (peach is my fav!) and now i have my cauldron! WOOT! My mother gave it to me, its made of brass and its feet are little leafs, it awesome! So happy, this was my first ritual for a sabbat, and I think I did okay! Anyways merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again! Now go have fun! :D

Litha Sabbat Panic

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So the Litha Sabbat is coming up in a couple of days, and I am completly excited! This is my first Sabbat that I will be able to celebrate! YEAH!!! I have everything I need except for a cauldron and appropriate incense... So here is my problem, I have no idea where to find either, and I wouldn't mind making my own incense except I dont have a mortar and pestle.... hmmmm I'm sure everything will go okay though! I feel absolutly positive and vibrant about the upcoming Litha Sabbat! :lol: Of course because I am a Eclectic/Solitary Wicca I will celebrate by myself, but that is just by spiritual choice, maybe next year I will try an open circle, but I like to right now keep it personal between me and the God and Goddess! :D