This Time Around

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Its been a wonderful and interesting year, alot has happened and changed, so I am extreamly gratefull for all the blessings the gods and spirits have given me, may all be blessed!!! <3

Divinity and I...

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Often when I am sad or feel upset I walk outside or if its raining look out the window and think about the small things and the blessings all of them reveal, I personally do not need a grand showing of marvelous miracles to let me believe in the divine or show me they are present, I see that in the childlike smile of my babysister or the way the light of the sun dances on the trees out front. So next time you are sad or upset about something take a moment to look at the faces of diety everywhere around you! It sure helps me.... ;)

Research Material

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So I think it takes too long to reasearch all that someone should resaech when starting their path so instead I will creat an Wiccan Lore database here on the web! Enjoy and Blessed Be!!!!! :D


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So I know alot of those on the Path have come across a block to find a good artist that has mainly Wiccan or Celtic music, so I will post some tid bits of music here and there and give the artists name and name of the song... Blessed Be!!! :D

Magic or Magick?

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I know some people make a big deal on how they spell Magic(k), but I think for myself I will leave it wit magic, other than spelling it sounds the same and if you are only spelling it differently to make a disticition, well most people will only hear the word "magic" and still think of magicians,ect. unless you spell it out for them it's useless... but I feel that everyone should do as they please and have a happy day! :D I was just randomly thinking!!! :)


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I know there are many different ways to pronounce words associated with Wicca, such as Sabbat which Iv'e heard it pronounced (SAV-vate), (SAV-vot),(SAB-bat), (SOB-bot), (SAB-bot), the pronounciations are endless and for one single word! So when someone asks me or when I ask someone else "How do you pronounce this", I always remember and say "It doesn't matter how you say it as long as you know the meaning and intention behind it!" So don't down yourself because you might not "say" it right or wrong, be happy and you will say what needs to be said! lol :)

Then again there are some words that are important to say right to some, one word which I had up until recently been saying wrong was Samhain, I had pronounced it (SAM-hay-N) but it is actually pronounced (SAM-win) or (SA-win), so just a little tid bit of how I too even miss up! lol :D

Scott Cunningham

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So I have been reading alot about Wicca and one author I consistently come across is named Scott Cunningham, and I must say his writings are delightfully informative and very open minded! I love his books and informational videos, I think anyone who is studying Wicca or just curious should definetly check him out. His perspective is very fresh and can leave a reader full of hope for more possibilities! So go check him out, especially his book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner... :lol: