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So most Wiccans know that a cauldron is symbolic of many things, but particularly that of the Goddess, well I just found out myself that the reason bhind that is due to countless myths and legends attributing a cauldron to feminine power and lively hood, it was what mothers used tto make food stuffs, a link to the otherworld, a scrying tool, ect. So it is always cool to learn some of the diverse symbolism of a singular symbol, item, object, ect. So take the time to learn new things and you just might surprise yourself!!! <3

The Many Uses of Cauldrons

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Many of us know what an assset a cauldron can be in the Path of Wicca, but for some of us who like to collect cauldrons, besoms, ect. we tend to not use half of what we have, but I have found that if you are open about your Path then you can use them as decorations! During the months of the Light ring your cauldron, besoms, ect. with flowers and colorful ribbons! During the months of the Dark put a candle inside of the cauldron, string lights through your besom and so forth, if you have kids let them help to decorate! Decorating using your various tools can help keep that spiritual magic alive! :D