June 16th 2012 Saturday 

My life as a Wiccan woman is very strange, I tend to discover more of myself the further I delve into my spirituality, sometimes they are not so very good, I did come to realize that I need to work on myself not only to please the God and Goddess, but to heal my own heart. I have diabetes and for a while there I wasn't taking care of myself, I don't know why, maybe because I was lazy, but I feel that needs to change and so I will change it. It is very hard to live a happy and fulfilling life on Earth when you don't take care of yourself, and I am not quite ready yet to traverse to the Otherworld.

June 18th 2012 Monday

Well Litha is only two days away and I am happily enthusiastically waiting, it will be my first Sabbat that I celebrate as a devoted Wicca, I just can't wait! :D I feel that my growing spirituality is like a mountain, strong and enduring, proud and majestic, something that will last forever. During my Litha ritual I will do a dedication ceremony, I feel the time is now appropriate to declare myself before the God and Goddess, and all spirits! May I have the Lord and Lady's blessings today! Blessed be to all and any!

August 13th 2012 Monday

Today I watched the sunset and I marveled at the colors of the sun, Thinking nature is truly a masterpeice and I could learn alot, life is aboslutly beautiful and amazing, if only more people could take the time and notice it, then again I'm sure many do...

August 15th 2012 Wednesday

When I hear "Father sky and Mother Earth" it makes me feel safe for some reason, maybe because if I think about it, the sky is above and the earth is below, so in a way I'm surrounded by my spiritual and nature parents, and then I also feel loved... 

June 17th 2012 Sunday

Today is Father's Day and not only will I be celebrating the Earthly father I have but also my heavenly Sun Father!  I think I will spend my day outside and take pleasure in his presence and really give thanks to his many blessings! I will try and stop to smell the roses and leave an offering at my altar in celebration! Ah today will be wonderful! Blessed be to all and any!

June 20th 2012 Wednesday 

My Litha Sabbat went well, the wind kept making the candles blow out, and I felt like I was failing some test, so then I asked for the candles to stay lit even after they blew out and I guess the Goddess and God heard me because I promise that the candles lit themselves, they had already been blown out and the wax cooled... I think it was just a small way for the Goddess and God to show me they were always there listening, which makes me happy and I feel very at peace.

July 11th 2012 Wednesday

Well my journey to better understanding my beliefs and self is going fine, I take sometime to meditate on small things that I see others don't take notice of, like the way sunlight dances on the individual leaf and branches of trees. It fills me with a sense of peace and harmony everytime...

September 15th 2012 Saturday

Many things in life can give you a surprise, like they way your heart melts at the sight of a precious baby, or the way peace overcomes you when your walking by a waterfall, but what makes life truly spectacular is knowing that life is ever changing and yet stays the same, like the old saying "A man can watch a waterfall, and a woman can watch it with him, but they do not see the same sight".